Case Studies

Cardiac Rehab Case Study

61-year-old, female (D.C.) admitted to Westgate Hills Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center after a 6 day stay at John Hopkins Hospital with admitting diagnosis of Acute Decompensated Heart Failure and Pneumonia. She has a History of CAD, Bipolar Disorder and COPD.

Nursing Interventions

Monitor Fluid Balance: 1800ml fluid Restriction with increased weight monitoring; Dietician educated on good food choices- Heart Healthy Diet Maintained
Monitor Labs and Diagnostics: CXR obtained for follow up to Pneumonia
Smoking Cessation Education
Medication Management: Lasix 40mg daily, Lisinopril 20 daily, Plavix and Zyprexa

Reviewed weekly in the center at our Cardiopulmonary Interdisciplinary Team Meeting lead by Cardiologist, Dr. Morgan.


Upon admission, Patient required minimal assistance with all self-care tasks and was able to ambulate 40 feet with minimal assistance. She was receiving occupational and physical therapy for 5 times a week for 3 weeks. Upon discharge, she was independent with all self-care tasks, able to ambulate 400 feet with a rolling walker and ascend/descend 15 stairs independently.

Patient returned home with HHS after a 21-day LOS in STR. She was Followed by UMD Heart Failure Clinic and her community PCP is Dr. Ahmed

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