“They tended to all my needs wholeheartedly and happily, truly treating me like their own family. My GNA, Jazz, was just fantastic! She cared for me in every way. The rehab team is fabulous, and though I came in to Westgate Hills in a wheelchair I am now walking out on my own two feet!”

Mr. Donald O’Carroll


“I came to Westgate Hills for Pulmonary Rehabilitation. The Respiratory Therapist was amazing. She helped me so much. The nurses and therapists were great, too. I loved my stay at Westgate and would recommend it to anyone with breathing trouble!”

Mrs. Brown


The Rehab Team pushed me to my goal, and I never gave up.

Mr. Mark Ayers



I am walking because of the amazing therapists here at Westgate Hills. The entire staff is kind and attentive, and my wound nurse truly healed me. I recommend this place to anyone who needs therapy or nursing care. If I ever need to rehab again – I’ll only do so at Westgate Hills!

Yours Truly,
Mr. Herbert Williams



The therapists and nurses were just great. We are so happy that we found this facility after having a poor experience at a different center. We would recommend Westgate Hills to anyone!

Yours Truly,
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Nellie Hugel


My stay at Westgate Hills Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center was an excellent and relaxing experience. The facility is beautiful and clean, my bed was comfortable and my meals were tasty and hot. Westgate’s rehabilitation staff was attentive and helped get me back on my feet. The nursing staff was quick to attend to my needs. I’m so happy I chose to stay at Westgate Hills!

– Clifford Hooks


When I arrived at Westgate Hills I was nervous as I had never required the assistance of others in my life. I was scared I would never leave my wheelchair again! Due to the persistence and support of the amazing rehab and nursing team, I am proud to say I am up on my feet again!

The Great Team at Westgate gave me my life back!!!

– Audrey Meekins


Before I was admitted to Westgate Hills Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center I was immobile, very dependent on my spouse, and couldn’t care for myself independently for over a year. When I arrived at Westgate I felt like angels were waiting for me. The therapy staff was AMAZING! The entire staff has believed in me. I truly feel I have entrusted my life to them. Within just 3 weeks of being here, I can now walk and climb steps.

Rehab is the real deal at Westgate because they truly want to see people succeed. The nurses are both patient and compassionate. The aides have also been amazing in assisting me. I am forever grateful to Westgate Hills for helping me to get my life back!

– Carnita Harris


The environment at Westgate Hills is very homey and welcoming. The therapy department will take you from 0-100 with super attention and encouragement. I was treated with dignity and respect during my time at Westgate Hills. The therapy team makes it actually fun to rehabilitate and exercise. The staff is very encouraging and always smiling. I had amazing results from my time there and was taught many different ways to manage myself as well as different ways to exercise. All of the rehabilitation team was exceptional. The nursing staff was very detailed and compassionate as well. Many thanks to the compassionate team at Westgate Hills for all they did in preparing me for my return to home!

– Lisa Moore


I am so glad that the Westgate Hill’s Urgent SNF™ program was available to me in my time of need. When I arrived at the St. Agnes Emergency Room I was not ill enough to be admitted. Luckily, the hospital social worker was aware of a skilled stabilization opportunity through Westgate’s Urgent SNF™ program and presented it as an option to my son. I was admitted the same evening! My experience at Westgate Hills was a great one! From care to food to customer service…I was well taken care of! Thank you Team Westgate Hills!

– Eleanor Bronis


I came to Westgate Hills for short-term rehab for strengthening. The rehab team was very motivating. Farah, my favorite therapist, was always willing to work with me. I needed strengthening in my legs which were very painful. Farah worked through my pain with me while exercising. She was always able to ease my pain. Farah always spoke to me and did not talk down to me. She was so loving and caring. The rest of the rehab team was very good as well. I just immediately had a bond with Farah. She was the very first face I would see every day. Thanks to Farah and the rehab team, I am so much stronger to go home and continue with my home health rehab.

– Vonzella Johnson


When I was admitted to Westgate Hills, I was bed bound. I was so down and did not want to participate in rehab because I had no hope of ever walking again. My therapy team never gave up on me. They continued to come in and encourage me to participate. I decided to give them a chance. I am almost ready to discharge to my new home. Thanks to my rehab team, I will be walking out of the facility. I have learned to never give up as anything is possible. I highly recommend Westgate Hills.

– Timothy Kearns


I loved my stay at Westgate Hills. The rehabilitation I received was wonderful. The therapists and nursing team were kind and supportive – helping me to achieve my goal of returning home. Though it wasn’t my plan, the team at Westgate Hills was here for me!

– Gary Flowers


I would like to thank the wonderful staff at Westgate Hills for the love and care they showed me during my recovery. I believe that my recovery was a lot faster due to the outstanding care I received. The nursing staff had a bedside manner beyond compare. Your therapy team helped me to walk again on my own; they knew how hard to push and when to stop. They worked with me with patience, care and love.

My family can be picky at times but they were pleased with the care and kindness shown me during my stay.

– Estelle Jacobs


Westgate Hills has helped me out a whole lot! Residents and staff are very nice, pleasant, and a joy to be around. They are always willing to help when needed. If you need to go out for a doctor’s appointment, everything is set up and taken care of. I was never bored as there was always something to do in activities. I enjoyed therapy as well! They made it interesting. I consider Westgate Hills my second family.

– Renee White